JP Aerospace Ascender airship granted FAA Airworthiness Certificate

For over 20 years, JP Aerospace of northern California has carried out a wide variety of balloon and airship activities ranging from stratospheric advertisements to taking student PongSat experiments to the stratosphere

The Ascender airships aim to provide controlled flight to near space and perhaps even beyond. The 9th Ascender design recently got FAA certification: Ascender Receives Airworthiness Certificate – JP Aerospace Blog

Success! For the last week JPA, the FAA and the Ascender have been out in the desert. We were issued the Certificate of Airworthiness for the airship. It’s the accumulation of 2 years of work.

The Ascender is the 1st UAV airship in the world to be so licensed.

FAA inspection of Ascender 9 for airworthiness certification.


FAA inspection of Ascender 9


Ascender 36 in flight


Orbital_Ascender infographic