Build a low cost system to receive images from GOES weather satellites

A reader points me to this item about a low cost system for receiving images from NOAA’s GOES weather satellites: HRIT and LRIT Low-Cost System – SDRplay Community Forum

This setup uses off-the-shelf components, is really easy to put together, and is comparatively low in cost. A key component of the low-cost HRIT/LRIT system is a new LNA [Low Noise Amplifier] for GOES satellite reception that NooElec, Inc. has been developing (currently described as the SAWBird GOES, though the name is subject to change when it goes into volume production). The SAWBird GOES was obtained as an Engineering Sample (for a fee) from NooElec, Inc. through their support department. The key elements of the system are as follows:

1) NooElec, Inc. SAWBird GOES w/power option ($24.95 plus $4 shipping; contact
2) PremierTech ANT-GRID-24DBI antenna ($12.83 plus 24.25 shipping from Provantage, LLC; PN PREK014;
3) 50ft active USB extension cable ($11.98 on Ebay at [50FT High Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Active Repeater M/F Extension Cable Adapter Cord 607841309417 | eBay  – updated selection]).
4) N male to SMA male connector.
4) male-to-male SMA connector.
5) Low cost tripod.

(HRIT/LRIT refers to High Rate and Low Rate Information Transmission.)

GOES 16 Full Earth Image

More information and resources:

Premiertek Hi-Gain outdoor antenna from Provantage