Video: Watch Blue Origin’s New Shepard fly to space from West Texas

Update 11:31 EDT: The flight was a success. The crew capsule fired its abort engine and the capsule reached nearly 120 km, considerably higher than previous flights. (100 km is generally accepted as the border line to space.) Here are a couple of screen captures from the webcast:

The crew capsule shortly before landing.

There will be an edited video from Blue later but for now you can watch the flight from the webcast below.

Update 11:05 EDT: There was a hold at T-8:00 but now counting down again.

More about the flight:


Blue Origin, the rocket company owned by Jeff Bezos, plans to fly the New Shepard reusable suborbital rocket vehicle today at 10:00 am CT, 11:00 am ET. There will be a firing of escape motor to test aborts at high altitude.

The vehicle is also carrying several science and technology experiments.