Asteroid Day – June 30, 2018

Saturday June 30th is Asteroid Day: 

Asteroid Day is a global awareness campaign where people from around the world come together to learn about asteroids, the impact hazard they may pose, and what we can do to protect our planet, families, communities, and future generations from future asteroid impacts. Asteroid Day is held each year on the anniversary of the largest impact in recent history, the 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia. 

In this brief video, Neil deGrasse Tyson tells the story behind Asteroid Day.

Here is a list and map of Asteroid Day events around the world: Plan your Event | Asteroid Day.

All around the globe, regionally organised events are held on Asteroid Day. These events range from live concerts and community events, to lectures and other educational programmes, to raise public awareness of the need for increased detection and mapping of asteroids.

Check out the set of resources including infographics, class lesson plans, paper models, etc : Asteroid Day Resources.

Submit a question to the Asteroid Day Expert Panel:

The Asteroid Day Expert Panel is chaired by Physicist Dr. Mark Boslough (left) and consists of 16 world–class asteroid experts. They oversee the scientific information Asteroid Day is publicising to guarantee accuracy.  They are always happy to answer any asteroid related questions you may have.

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Here is the movie 51 Degrees North which

 inspired Asteroid Day. It was directed by co-founder Grigorij Richters and the music was composed by Dr. Brian May. We are proud to present to you this alternate version of the film, by Discovery Science. As an event organiser you can have access to download both the full length film (88 minutes) or the 45 minute (Discovery Science) version. Event organizers must fill out this form to download the movie.

51 Degrees North – Full movie, free. from Asteroid Day on Vimeo.