Sci-Tech videos: Updates on Martin Jetpack and Urban Aero + A hydrofoil vehicle for Uber on water

New transport for air and water:

** Martin Jetpack – Been awhile since I posted videos of the New Zealand company’s one person Vertical Takeoff and Landing with a ducted fan design

According to the 2017 annual report (pdf), the current engine requires more maintenance and has a shorter working life than needed for commercial operations in most markets.  However, the company’s majority shareholder, KuangChi Science (KCS), has determined that the vehicle is “sufficiently advanced to generate revenue via repeatable show concept demonstrations and sales into the first responder market in China”

** Cormorant Urban Aero/Tactical Robotics – I’ve also posted here several times over the years about this large vertical takeoff and landing UAV with a unique approach to a ducted fan vehicle. The Israeli based company remains focused on emergency services and military applications rather than civilian transport –

** SeaBubbles is developing a water taxi with hydrofoils intended to provide Uber style personal transport services on waterways with a fast and stable ride –   SeaBubbles reveals its latest ‘flying water car’ as it brings in a new wave of cash – The Verge