Videos: TMRO Orbit 11.21 – Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

The latest episode of Space is now available on line at: Riverside Telescope Makers Conference – Orbit 11.21 – TMRO

We have Space Mike at the @ISDC 2018 Expo and Jared at the @RTMCAstroExpo 2018 Astronomy Expo! Jared sits down with Martin Carey and Travis Holmes to talk about citizen astronomy.

Launches and news topics covered:

Long March 4C Launches Queqiao Lunar Relay
Antares launches Cygnus OA-9 mission to ISS
Falcon 9 Launches Iridium-6 and GRACE-FO

Space News:
Grande-sized black holes
More former GXLP teams have announced future landing plans
RocketLab “It’s Business Time” update

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