Sci-Tech Videos: Uber Elevate Summit 2018 – Latest on eVTOL flying taxi technology

Uber Elevate is Uber’s program to support development of electric powered flying taxis that take off and land vertically. The second Uber Elevate Summit was held this week in Los Angeles and companies from around the world presented the status and plans for the vehicles. Infrastructure, regulatory issues, battery technology, electric power supply, and other issues surrounding such services were discussed.

Here are videos of the presentations on the first day. See the schedule for a list of the session.

Here is a video from Uber showing a generic version of the service they would like to provide to urban customers:

** Here is a video of the talk given by Aurora Flight Sciences Founder & CEO John Langford on how “Aurora is building the certifiable autonomous systems that will enable all of tomorrow’s intelligent aircraft – of any shape”:

** Bell Helicopter presented their concept for an air taxi, though their video shows only the interior of their design:

** Pipistrel introduced a new eVTOL design at the event – At 2nd UBER elevate summit Pipistrel reveals new eVTOL Concept and strategic partnership with Elan