Video: “In Saturn’s Rings” shows space exploration at its most spectacular

The new documentary film In Saturn’s Rings, narrated by LeVar Burton, shows striking scenes of space travel and exploration using only actual images observed with telescopes, space probes, and astronaut cameras. No computer generated artists’ creations are included but techniques developed by Ken Burns and Walt Disney give 3-D impressions of objects like Saturn and its rings. The super high-resolution film will be available on “Giant Screen, IMAX, Fulldome Planetariums“. Check out the trailer for the film:

From the caption:

In Saturn’s Rings is a groundbreaking giant-screen movie adventure that takes audiences on a space exploration journey of the mind, heart, and spirit, from the Big Bang to the awe-inspiring rings of Saturn.

Narrated by LeVar Burton, In Saturn’s Rings is created entirely of more than 7.5 million stunning images of Earth, the Milky Way, and the Saturn taken by Hubble, Cassini, and other NASA space telescopes looking deep into the past.

The film is made with 2D multiplane parallax techniques developed by Walt Disney combined with Ken Burns technique to avoid using any type of camera projection, 3D models, visual FX, texture maps etc. We also feature some high resolution time lapse photography.

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Trailer music is custom version of track from Neumann Films.

Updates on when and where the film will be shown are available at In Saturn’s Rings (@InSaturnsRings) | Twitter