Videos: pushing scale model rocketry capabilities to new heights

Joe Barnard founded the company to push scale model rocketry to new levels of sophistication:

Barnard Propulsion Systems develops model rocketry components, aimed at closely matching the pace of advancement in the space-launch industry. Learning by experimentation is the most effective way to gain a deep understanding of new concepts, which is why providing hands-on experience with advanced rocketry components is important for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts.

A BPS flight computer, for example, provides for

 “thrust vectoring, controlling parachutes, data logging, and in-flight emergency aborts. Safer, more realistic flights—no fins required”.

Model rocket motor with electronic gimbal control.

This brief video shows off some of the company’s rocket technologies:

This video shows a talk given by Barnard about BPS Space:

You can follow and support Barnard’s projects at is creating Rockets | Patreon.

“A successful static fire test of Scout in June, 2017”