New animation of Rosetta images shows a wild time on Comet 67P

In 2014 the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe went into orbit around  Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and spent a couple of years studying it.  Jacint Roger Perez combined a series of 33 images made during a 25 minute period as the probe flew about 13 kilometers from the comet and the resulting time lapse creates the dramatic scene below:

Gif animation created by Jacint Roger Perez from Rosetta images of Comet 67P.

Although it looks like a blizzard, the white dots and streaks are a mix of stars in the dark background plus dust and ice particles,  as well as radiation going through the imager. The comet’s surface at the time was stirred up from the heat of the sun.

More about the animation and the Rossetta mission: