Videos: “Space to Ground” report on the ISS – April.20.2018

Here is this week’s Space to Ground report from NASA on activities related to the International Space Station:

** Checkout the Aeon video of magnificent earth imagery and astronauts describing their experiences of seeing such views from space:  The majestic Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts orbiting above | Aeon Videos

‘Even if you’re a tough person you can’t avoid becoming a child again…’

In this video composed of time-lapse imagery recorded from the International Space Station, four veteran astronauts – Helen Sharman, Michael Barratt, Jean-François Clervoy and Daniel Tani – describe the singular, life-changing experience of looking down at Earth. In providing context for these images of our planet (the station orbits Earth every 92 minutes, for instance) and trying to find words for the profound sense of wonder that has come to be known as ‘the overview effect’, the astronauts strive valiantly to share their rarified perspective, giving us just a glimmer of an experience that many people think is just around the corner for a much greater number of us.

** An intro to how NASA can help researchers get their experiments to the ISS and to communicate what they are doing to other researchers and the general public: ISS R&T Opportunities | NASA:

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** NASA’s Launch Services Program arranges for the agency’s uncrewed spacecraft to fly on commercial rockets. In this video, Tim Dunn of LSP talks about this week’s TESS launch on a Falcon 9 (see earlier posting) and about other spacecraft launches this year: