Videos: 3D printing rockets, Amateur suborbital, Launching from Kodiak, Atlas V launch panorama, Firing the BE-4

A sampling of rocket related videos:

** Relativity Space has created giant 3D printers to make its rockets:  Need a new car? Want to launch a rocket? 3D print it with metal. – Miles O’Brien Productions

** All-volunteer organization Copenhagen Suborbitals aims to build a launch system to send a volunteer astronaut up to 100 kolometers and back safely Here is an update on the development of the capsule for the vehicle:

** A nicely made short film documentary about the launching of rockets from remote but splendid Kodiak Island in Alaska:

** An interactive 360 degree panorama view of the launch of the GEOS-S weather satellite on a ULA Atlas V rocket on March 1, 2018:

** Blue Origin, the company owned by Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos, recently posted a video of a test firing of the company’s big bad BE-4 Methane/Liquid Oxygen engine: