Audio: Space podcasts from all over

A sampling of recent space related podcasts:

** The Space Show – Tue, 03/13/2018 – 19:00

Dr. Robert Zubrin, founder of the Mars Society, talks about “Paradigm shift with Falcon Heavy & SpaceX, a new way to go to the Moon, policy, SETI, ISRU, Moon, Mars, Drake Equation, scarcity economics, human expansion to space & more”.

** The Space Show – Sun, 02/11/2018 – 12:00

Noted space activist and lobbyist James A. M. Muncy talked about “space policy, returning to the Moon, launchers, lunar lander 2018 state of the industry, FH, regulatory issues, and more”.

** SPEXcast 47: GOES-S, StarLink, and the Challenges of Space Engineering Programs

Engineering space to be useful to humans is hard work. Today on SPEXcast we sit down to discuss two space satellite networks, GOES and StarLink, and how they help humanity during our day to day lives. But we’re also covering two examples of the challenges of space engineering, the VA241 anomaly on Ariane V and new delays and cost overruns for JWST.

** Killer Asteroids | Science Podcasts | Naked Scientists

Could life on Earth be wiped out by a killer asteroid? The short answer is yes. This month the Space Boffins hear about a new European telescope to spot the threat before it’s too late. Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined at the Royal Astronomical Society in London by Robert Massey and Helen Klus to discuss how astronomy could save the world. Richard also chats to NASA astronaut Steve Bowen who reveals what it will be like to live in the ‘cramped’ new Orion spacecraft and the perils of returning to Earth after a mission to the Moon or Mars…

** Amateur Astronomers Work To Save Earth From Asteroids! | The Planetary Society

** Visiting the Birthplace of PlanetVac | The Planetary Society

** Talking Space Episode 1003: Creepy Face in Space –

On this episode of Talking Space, we begin with our launch round-up including GOES-S, the 50th Falcon 9 launch, and the return of three crewmembers from the ISS and the preparations for the next launch later this month. Then it’s onto a creepy talking head that’ll be soon heading to the ISS, as well as another space station, Tiangong-1, that could fall pretty much anywhere as professionals track it and amateurs buy umbrellas. Next it’s the dreaded NASA budget review, including a meeting with NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot and congressional budget officials. In this is the discussion of potentially privatizing the ISS, getting NASA out of low earth orbit, and dealing with NASA’s “leaning tower of KSC“.

We finish  up with the Areceibo Radio Telescope getting new owners, a chance to get your name on the Parker Solar Probe, and a much-needed clarification segment. In this segment, we discuss and clarify all of our points regarding Falcon Heavy after some heated feedback on our last episode. Also be sure to stay past the outro music for a fun surprise.

** T+74: Stagnation and Opportunity – Main Engine Cut Off –

NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot appeared in front of the space subcommittee of the House Science Committee to discuss the 2019 NASA budget request, and I’ve got some thoughts on their decisions regarding the SLS Mobile Launcher and how it affects SLS’ flight rate. And then I get off onto a train of thought regarding the stagnation of and opportunity within the policy gridlock we’re stuck in today.

** 38 – Martian Mission Control (feat. Sophie Gruber and Reinhard Tlustos) – WeMartians Podcast

Behind every successful space mission is a talented team of support staff back on Earth, guiding the astronauts along the way. When we go to Mars, it will be much the same. But how can we practice these valuable skills? Mars analogues are a great way, and recently, the Austrian Space Forum completed a three week simulation called AMADEE 18. Project Manager Sophie Gruber and Flight Director Reinhard Tlustos join Jake to talk about the mission to the Oman Desert, and what it takes to get the astronauts to succeed.

** Episode 149: Boosters All the Way Down — The Orbital Mechanics Podcast

Footage of the Falcon Heavy center booster, a discussion of the Hispasat booster, Stratolaunch as a spaceplane booster and Swarm Tech shouldn’t have been on a booster.

Aerial footage of the Stratolaunch aircraft completing its first taxi test.

** John Batchelor – Will the Trump administration shut down SLS?Bob Zimmerman

** John Batchelor – Jupiter is completely different than anything else.Bob Zimmerman