The Falcon Heavy launch was a major success today. The rocket, which was developed by SpaceX with its own private money, is not only the most powerful launch system in operation in the world today, it is the most cost effective.

The two side boosters came back for a successful landings at Cape Canavera:

Two Falcon Heavy side boosters land simultaneously.

It appears the central core did not land successfully at sea but waiting word from SpaceX on exactly what happened with it.

In a few hours, the upper stage is to fire again and send the Tesla Roadster into its long orbit that will reach as far out as the Mars orbit. In the meantime, here are live views from the Roadster:

Yes, this is a screen capture of an actual Tesla Roadster in orbit with the earth in the background taken by a camera on the Falcon second stage:

A screen capture of the Tesla with the earth in the background.

Here is a video of the complete SpaceX webcast of the launch: