Catch sight of “The Humanity Star” while it is in orbit

The Electron rocket launched last weekend from New Zealand by Rocket Lab had an unannounced payload aboard in addition to three small commercial spacecraft.  The Humanity Star is a

a bright, blinking satellite now orbiting Earth, visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Launched on #StillTesting, The Humanity Star is designed to encourage everyone to look up and consider our place in the universe. 

More about the project:

Visible from space with the naked eye, the Humanity Star is a highly reflective satellite that blinks brightly across the night sky to create a shared experience for everyone on the planet.

Created by Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck, the Humanity Star is a geodesic sphere made from carbon fibre with 65 highly reflective panels. It spins rapidly, reflecting the sun’s rays back to Earth, creating a flashing light that can be seen against a backdrop of stars.

Orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes and visible from anywhere on the globe, the Humanity Star is designed to be a bright symbol and reminder to all on Earth about our fragile place in the universe.

The sphere will stay in orbit for about 9 months. You can use the tracking app on the website to find when it will pass over your location.


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