Video: TMRO Experiment 01.01 – Keeping fit in the cosmos

Here is the first of a new special series focused on space topics: Keeping fit in the cosmos – Experiment 01.01 – TMRO

Welcome to the first official episode of TMRO:Science! Hosted by Lisa Stojanovski, Athena Brensberger and Jade Kim, TMRO:Science expands on many of the topics we cover in TMRO:Space. Live episodes air the first Saturday of each month at 20:00 UTC.

This week the crew talks about the impact that micro gravity has on the human body and how astronauts keep fit in space.

News topics discussed:

The Oceans Are Dying
Cyborg bugs!
Blueberries can cure cancer?!
Teenager explains relativity, wins $250k
Engineers hack biology to make 3D tissues
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