Here is this week’s Space to Ground report from NASA on the latest news about the International Space Station:

As mentioned in the video, an Orbital ATK Antares rocket is set to blast off from Wallops Island, Virginia on Saturday morning at 7:37 am EST. It will send a Cygnus cargo module to the ISS with over 3.3 metric tons of supplies, experiments, and equipment. The launch will be webcast on NASA TV. Updates on the mission can be found at OA-8 Mission Page and Orbital ATK (@OrbitalATK) | Twitter.

The rocket was lifted upright on the pad yesterday:

Weather permitting, the launch should be visible to some degree over much of the East Coast of the US. Here is a

Viewing Map for OA-8 Launch: Weather permitting, the launch of Antares from Wallops Island, Virginia, on November 11, 2017 may be widely visible along the East Coast. However, because this is an early morning launch, it is likely that the sun will interfere with viewing from most locations.