Space Art: Maciej Rebisz and “Space That Never Was”

Check out the marvelous space inspired art from Maciej Rebisz at Space That Never Was, his project to do more than

… some cool pictures of spaceships, I wanted to do something a bit more original than yet another generic sci-fi. I wanted to do proper research, get science and engineering as correct as possible, then do illustrations along with concept and graphic design.

“ITS landers at Alpha Site, first large scale human colony on Mars. My take on SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System announced by Elon Musk last year.” – Maciej Rebisz

I thought it would be pretty cool to depict how all these planned and never realized missions would look like. Apollo based spacecraft going to Venus, Voyager 3 visiting Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto. Soviet landing on the Moon. Crewed missions to Mars. Launch of the first interstellar probe. I have started doing research and taking courses about history of spaceflight, where and when it began, where it headed, what space agencies wanted to do and where to go before their funding got cut off. All that research was great inspiration and gave me hundreds of ideas and fueled the development of this alternative history project.

Engine maintenance Art: Maciej Rebisz

Imagine a world where Space Race has not ended. Where space agencies were funded a lot better than military. Where private space companies emerged and accelerated development of space industry. Where people never stopped dreaming big and aiming high.

Find more about Rebisz and his art at: Space That Never Was is an artist’s vision of a never-ending space race – The Verge

“Another artwork in Cosmonaut series. This time it’s cosmonaut on Ganymede, largest moon of Jupiter.” – Maciej Rebisz

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