Videos: TMRO Orbit 10.39 – Colonizing our solar system in one lifetime

The latest live webcast episode is now available in the archive: Colonizing our solar system in one lifetime – Orbit 10.39 – TMRO

We are joined by John Amabile author of, “Changing the Worlds” to talk about his plan to colonize the solar system in one lifetime. More than just colonization, also terraforming plants like Venus and Mars.

Launches and space news topics covered:

Atlas V Launches NROL-52
Huge Lunar Lavatube Found
Blue Origin Test Fires Largest Methane Rocket Engine
A New Round of Results From Cassini

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A couple of recent TMRO short video reports:

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US Astronauts at the International Space Station recently conducted 2 spacewalks within 5 days to perform repairs on the stations robotic arm and do several other maintenance tasks.

** SpacePod: We Found Some of the Missing Universe

Computer modeling we do of our Universe suggested that half of the visible matter in the Universe was “missing”, we couldn’t account for the discrepancy between what’s observed in our Universe and what’s modeled in computers using the laws of physics our Universe is governed by. Does that mean that our physics is incorrect, or were we just looking in all the wrong places? Turns out, we were looking in the wrong places.



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