Videos: “Star Craft” with Loren Grush of The Verge

Loren Grush, who reports on spaceflight at The Verge, has started a video series called Star Craft. Here are the first set of shows:

** “In the season premiere of our new show Space Craft, Loren Grush tries on innovative Mars and Moon space suits at the University of North Dakota campus, learning just how complex and restrictive a space suit can be.” – These next-generation space suits could allow astronauts to explore Mars – The Verge

** “In the second episode of Space Craft, Loren Grush learns how NASA trains its astronauts before sending them to space. Simulating the space environment — either with a giant pool or with virtual reality — helps astronauts prepare for scenarios both planned and unplanned.” – Walking through space in NASA’s Virtual Reality Lab – The Verge 

** “The environment of the International Space Station isn’t exactly hospitable to the human body. In this episode of Space Craft, Loren Grush tries out some of the specialized machines astronauts use to workout in space to stay healthy in microgravity.” – How do astronauts exercise in space? – The Verge 

** “In the season finale of Space Craft, we booked a flight with the Zero Gravity Corporation, one of a handful of organizations in the world that currently offers parabolic flight experiences.” – What it feels like to float in zero gravity – The Verge