Video: TMRO Orbit 10.31 – The National Space Council

Here is the latest program: The National Space Council – Orbit 10.31 – TMRO

Bob Walker, former Congressman for Pennsylvania, Chair of the House Science Committee and board member of Zero G Corporation joins us to talk about the newly formed National Space Council. What is the council for and why will it help America with Space Policy? Bob helps answer those questions and more!

Space news topics reviewed:

04:01 – SpaceX Launches Formosat-5
07:42 – Orbital ATK Launches ORS-5 (SensorSat)
10:00 – 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Wows America
17:21 – ESA astronauts train with Chinese taikonauts on Shenzhou
19:52 – ESA Mission in late-2020’s Aims To Use Artificial Eclipses

Comment discussion:

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