The latest on the Mars rovers

Bob Zimmerman has  posted an interesting update on what’s been happening recently with the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers on Mars: Mars rover update: June 23, 2017 | Behind The Black.

Since my my May 15th update, the Opportunity science team has been acting like an expectant father. They had reached the head of Perseverance Valley in mid-May, but since then they have been gingerly pacing back and forth, studying the valley from the top and the side without entering it. The traverse map above shows their travels for the first two weeks after their arrival, but it is also a month old. While they haven’t yet posted an updated traverse map, my daily review of the images sent back each day suggests that, through June 4, they continued their pacing at the head of the valley, sometimes easing downward a bit, but never entering the valley itself.

They initially had two reasons for not entering the valley immediately. First there is fear, [continue]

Mars Rover Opportunity on Walkabout Near Rim

This JPL video shows highlights of NASA’s missions to Mars over the past 20 years:


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