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ANS 090 Weekly AMSAT Bulletin – March 30, 2013:

* Schedule of AMSAT Activities at Dayton Hamvention
* AMSAT/TAPR Banquet Speaker: Bruce Perens, K6BP
* AMSAT Store Now Selling Tickets for AMSAT/TAPR Friday Night Banquet
* “Dayton Only” Special Deals at the AMSAT Store
* Google Earth Satellite Tracker Software Rollout for Demo and Testing
* AMSAT-UK Colloquium 2013 Announced for July 19-21
* South Africa AMSAT Space Symposium to Feature Interesting Topics
* VO-52 HAMSAT Transponder User Feedback Requested
* Cubesat Launches Planned for April
* ARISS School Contacts This Week
* Satellite Shorts From All Over