Bob Zimmerman on The Space Show and on John Batchelor Show

Bob Zimmerman on the Space Show on Tuesday discussed a range of recent space news, rocket company updates, and more: Robert (Bob) Zimmerman, Tuesday, 3-26-13 – Thespaceshow’s Blog.

And on the John Batchelor radio program  on Tuesday, he talked about the following topics:

Segment 1:
Space and NASA
Dragon is on its way home. (Landing momentarily.)
Engine tests for SpaceShipTwo a success.
How big will Stratolaunch be? Big, very big!
NASA suspends all outreach and education efforts under sequestration.

He will also be on the Batchelor program tonight (12:30 am) and on Thursday evening. In tonight’s show they will discuss:

Curiosity back to full science, releases a new panorama.
Comet ISON not brightening as much as hoped.
The weird polar vortexes of Venus.