The NewSpace Club opens Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Dr. Anis Karim points me to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $1000 to create the online NewSpace Club  –

There needs to be a place where people interested in outer space (whether to travel to orbit, work out there, be a student out there, vacation out there, settle on another world, or any of billions of other reasons) can contact and communicate with other people interested in outer space. What exists is woefully inadequate and frustrating and not helpful. This is why we want to create a space social network to connect space enthusiasts and ultimately realize a new life out there!

From the Indiegogo page:

Why Only $1000?

People might ask: “If you’re really serious about creating the space social network of the future, why are you asking for only $1000?”

We made this financial decision for a reason. As mentioned above, the goal of this – specific – Indiegogo campaign is to engage a community of space enthusiasts excited about the possibilities of a new life out there. This community will be our ambassadors. The $1000 will only help us launch the NewSpace Club. And, the NewSpace Club team is currently volunteering; so labor is not a factor yet.

It is true that after the NewSpace Club is launched at, we will have to hire programmers, developers and software engineers. Many IT companies started with students and volunteers before having to hire people on salary. Some of the resources our members will ask for and those we plan for will cost a lot of money, and perhaps those can be added if we have an InDemand period. Other costs will include specialized hardware, and we can invest pre-seed money in space transportation startups.

We would be very grateful if we went substantially over the $1000 goal of this Indiegogo campaign. We hope we do.