Moontopia contest entrants design lunar colonies

Eleven Magazine sponsored a contest called MOONTOPIA, which invited people to submit designs “for a self-sufficient lunar colony for living, working, researching and space tourism”. There were hundreds of entrants and they chose one winner and 8 runners-up. See descriptions of the nine designs at Moontopia competition-winners show nine visions for lunar architecture –

The winner was Lunar Test Lab:

The Testlab settlement is based on the idea of the Russian Babushka Doll – one layer protects the next. On the very inside of the settlement are the Pods, which inhabit the private sleeping quarters, the communal rooms, the greenhouse, as well as the experimental labs and the necessary machinery to sustain life on the moon. Between the pods and the outer most protective membrane is the void that acts as yet another protective layer between livable and unlivable space.

Here is one of the runners-up called Platinum City:



3000 permanent ‘post-human moon citizens’.


Currently spanning 7km from the city to the space elevator port and growing. Awaiting teraforming landscape update and expansion of the drone membrane artificial atmosphere.