‘Space Cups’ designed for drinking in micro-g now available for purchase

The new company Spaceware uses 3D printing to make terrestrial versions of the “space cup”, which astronaut Don Petit first created while on the International Space Station in 2008. Petit’s design takes advantage of surface tension to allow someone in weightless to drink from the rim of the cup rather than sucking the fluid with a straw going into an enclosed container: NASA-Approved Spaceware Space Cups Are Now Available to the Public | Digital Trends.

This video gives the story of the Space Cup:

These porcelain cups are made from 3D printed molds:

A one of a kind porcelain Space Cup that comes in a variety of colors. It’s food safe, durable, and true to the original space design minus a small base for operating in earthly gravity. The functional design is derived from fluid physics, yielding a unique, even artistic piece.

Note: These cups require some hand preparation and finishing so expect some slight variations in appearance.

And this “Flight Fidelity Space Cup” is 3D printed:

A real Flight Certified Space Coffee Cup. What does that mean? Well, it means that his is the original shape, material, and specifications that have been approved by NASA for flight aboard the International Space Station.

Keep in mind that this is not for everyday use and most definitely not dishwasher safe. Think of this as a bit of art, science, and space history all in one. The cup is 3D printed using the SLA process (UV light + a bath of special resin). So when you break it down it’s space, 3D printing, coffee, and fluid mechanics. Enjoy.