Sci-Tech: Hyperloop One co-founder interview + the Dubai project

Following up on the Hyperloop One update posted here several weeks ago, below is an interview with Shervin Pishevar, Executive Co-Chairman and co-founder of  the company, about Hyperloop One‘s plans and projects, which include a full-scale demo system that will begin running next spring. (The video is from the symposium IGNITION 2016 “Future of Digital” held this week in New York City. You can find more videos of the symposium sessions at Business Insider – YouTube.)

And here is a video of an event in November that presented a partnership between Dubai and the company on a study of a hyperloop system to connect Dubai to the greater United Arab Emirates: Full Presentation: Hyperloop One’s Historic Agreement With The Dubai RTA | Hyperloop One –

Here is a short promo video showing work underway on the demo project: