The Universe in a Sphere

[ Update: The original Kickstarter failed but they relaunched it and quickly exceeded their new goal: The Universe in a Sphere (Relaunch) by Clemens — Kickstarter.]

Clemens Steffin has a Kickstarter to help fund production and sales of glass spheres he designed that contain white dots representing galaxies of the supercluster to which our Milky Way belongs: The Universe in a Sphere by Clemens — Kickstarter

Laniakea, that is the name of the supercluster of galaxies we are part of. This tremendous structure can now be yours.

I made this 3,1″ glass-sphere with 600.000 tiny dots, each representing an entire galaxy. I decided to make a Kickstarter campaign, where I try to collect a large amount of people who want to buy such a sphere to make the production affordable. Now I write you to ask, if you are interested in reselling these spheres? They will cost 30€ each, if you buy ten of them and 40€ for a single one. The campaign only runs until the 27th November and if there are enough buyers, the spheres will be produced. The campaign is already funded to 40% and I got a lot of positive feedback. 

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  1. I would most definitely would purchase one of these spheres for it has the essence of art and the possibilities that surround us as well. This makes it a highly interesting item to be in any art glass glass displays along the side of Dale Chahuli.

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