Video: The radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence at the SETI Institute

A review by Gerry Harp of SETI Institute radio telescope observations, new technologies, and plans for the coming years:

From 2009 through 2015, the SETI Institute used the Allen Telescope Array to observe stars with high probability of hosting exoplanets. Nearby stars were chosen based on radial velocity observations that indicate planets, and a more distant set of stars were chosen from the Kepler Space Telescope’s list of probable and confirmed exoplanets. By choosing stars that have planets we hoped to improve our chances for finding ET in our radio telescope observations. In this talk Dr. Harp will describe the novel technologies developed for this search by the SETI Institute and what we have learned from the last six years of SETI observations. Dr. Harp will also consider future directions the SETI Institute may take to improve on this search in the coming years.