Videos: Jeff Bezos talks about Blue Origin, a 10000 year clock, & Saturn engine recovery

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of, recently  received an award at the Museum of Flight near Seattle and he was interviewed on stage. He talked about plans for Amazon and about his various outside projects including the Blue Origin space development company: Jeff Bezos explains Blue Origin’s space symbology – Alan Boyle/Geekwire  –

In this segment of the interview, he talked about the 10,000 year clock project: Jeff Bezos shares big ideas, from drones to 10,000-year clock – Alan Boyle/Geekwire –

In this video, he talks

about the mission to recover the F-1 rocket engines from the Apollo 11 moon landing flight. His team was able to retrieve the engines from 14,000 ft under the sea.

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