Videos: Asteroid mining + 3D printing in space + Smallsats

Here is an interview with Chris Lewicki, chief of the asteroid mining company Planetary Resources:

As Humans venture out far away from the Earth into the solar system, they will need material resources to keep us going. Where do we get those from? One for-profit company, Planetary Resources, wants to be the one to make it happen.

We had a chance to speak with the company’s President and CEO, Chris Lewicki about the company’s plans to survey, prospect, and exploit near-Earth asteroids. The company has a lot of financial backing and has plans to send its first satellite to an asteroid in 2020.

This interview was originally broadcast as part of our ongoing Facebook Live segment, The Convo:…


Jason Dunn, CTO of Made In Space, talks about the role of 3d printing in space development:

NASA intern turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Jason Dunn, saw what was holding humans back from colonizing outer space…and decided to do something about it. With his company Made in Space’s cutting-edge 3D printer, astronauts can break their reliance on costly resupply missions from Earth and—for the first time ever—build new supplies for themselves in space. Dunn and his team believe their invention will usher in a new era of dramatic progress in space.


Craig Clark, CEO of Clyde Space in Scotland, talks about their smallsat projects:

Update: An interview about long time space advocate and entrepreneur Rick Tumlinson and the New Worlds Conferences: