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ANS 083 Weekly AMSAT Bulletin – March 24, 2013:

* Come See AMSAT at Dayton 2013
* Dayton Hamvention 2013 AMSAT Forum
* More ‘AMSAT at Dayton’ News
* ISS Expedition 35 Crew To Include Three Licensed Hams
* ARISS News
* [QB50] 5th European CubeSat Symposium – ESA sponsorship – Deadline
* March/April 2013 AMSAT Journal Heading for the Print Shop
* KiwiSAT – All systems are now flight ready
* New Swiss Small Satellite Launch System
* Raspberry Pi as WSPR transmitter up to 250 MHz
* Houston based WebSDR for 2m Ham Band
* AMSAT Helps at Monrovia HS Science Expo and ISS Downlink
* Music in Space Downlink With the International Space Station
* Argentine CubeBug-1 satellite will have amateur radio digipeater