Buzz Aldrin says he is not selling anything at Bonhams space auction

I previously mentioned here and here the Bonhams Auction of space memorabilia that is scheduled for this Monday in New York City. The 300 item lot holds some Apollo 11 related materials from Buzz Aldrin, including some documents taken to the lunar surface. However, he says these items came to the market via his ex-wife and he is not selling any of his remaining Apollo program items: Buzz Aldrin refutes space sale, states he is keeping his moon memorabilia – collectSPACE

“I am not offering any items for sale from my current collection of Apollo 11 articles in the Bonhams auction,” astronaut Buzz Aldrin clarified in a written statement sent to on Saturday. “The Apollo 11 items being auctioned on Monday are being resold from auctions that took place in 2007 or earlier at the instigation of my ex-wife and her daughter who acted as my attorney and business manager.”