Videos: TMRO 9.30 – Create your own Martian Garden + TMRO Spacepod shorts

The most recent program is now available on line: Create your own Martian Garden – TMRO

We are joined by Mark Cusimano from The Martian Garden — We discuss what Martian Regolith is and how you can use simulated Martian Regolith to create your own Mars garden!

News topics discusses:

* Soyuz MS-02 suffers anomaly with dangerous repairs ahead
* ESA’s Rosetta Will Gently Lithobrake onto Comet 67P
* SpaceX anomaly update
* Wildfires Delay Launch And Threaten Structures at Vandenberg
* ULA announces free cubesat ride winners
* Pluto Probably Has A 100km thick Subsurface Ocean

Here are a couple of recent TMRO Spacepod short video reports:

** The ISS is MELTING! – Space Pod 09/21/16 – TMRO

Lisa Stojanovski explains why the International Space Station is melting wax to help future spacecraft.

** 5th New Shepard Flight Announced – SpacePod 09/14/16 – TMRO

This week, Space Mike covers the announcement for the next flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, and an ambitious test they will perform during the flight.

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