Videos: TMRO 9.22 – Is Blue Origin planning something big? + New Shepard flight discussed Blue Origin on the latest show: Is Blue Origin planning something big? – #Player2HasJoined – TMRO

For the first time Blue Origin will be webcasting one of their experimental vehicle launches. This got us to thinking, what have they been working on in the past and what does that mean for the future of Blue Origin? Will they be heading to the Moon? Mars? Or just playing catchup to SpaceX? To be clear, this is all speculation and guesses. What do you think?

Space news topics discussed:

* China launches another Beidou Navigation Satellite
* SpaceX launches, but fails to land
* Gravitational Waves Detected from Second Pair of Coalescing Black Holes
* Blue Origin to Webcast New Shepard Flight on Sunday Morning
* The Return of Antares has slipped to August
* Soyuz TMA-19M lands

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Here is a video of today’s flight of the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket vehicle:

And the full webcast video (broadcast starts at around 27 minutes into the video and liftoff firing starts at 1:03:10):