Deep Sky Objects Browser

Sebastián García Rojas points me to his Deep Sky Objects Browser –

The site was born as a necessity of answering questions such as “which galaxies rise at least 40 degrees above the horizon for 2 hours between 10pm and 2am at my location”? but it has gradually become more complete. It nows includes:
* Search for DSOs fine-tuning your criteria:
* Create an online observing list
* Share your astrophotography unlimitedly and for free – similar to Astrobin but nicer and free –
* Check a Virtual Sky Map in your browser – similar to Stellarium, less powerful but online to check from any computer without installing anything –
* Get reminders for specific objects – e.g. “send me an e-mail when Andromeda Galaxy is best seen at 10pm from my location”.
* Check Sun, Moon and planetary rise/transit/set times –
* Check the Moon monthly and yearly calendars –
* Save your usual locations and get monthly suggestions tailored for you.
I’m constantly working on the site, adding more features and everything is and will always be free 🙂
Check out Sebastian’s Deep Sky Objects Browser –
Screen capture of DSO Browser home page.