Space Access’16 Conference – Phoenix, AZ, April 7-9, 2016

Check out the Space Access ’16 Conference in Phoenix, April 7-9. I’ve been attending the annual Space Access Society meeting since 1998 and it continues to be my favorite conference. This year I will participate in two panels.

Here is the latest update:

Space Access Society’s 2016 conference on the technology, business, and politics of radically cheaper space transportation will feature a cross-section of the growing cheap access community, talking about what’s going on now and what will be happening next, in an intensive informal atmosphere, single-track throughout so you don’t have to miss anything.

Confirmed launch-project & space-industry presenters so far: Agile Aero, CubeCab, DARPA XS-1, EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, Frontier Astronautics, Lasermotive, Masten Space Systems, Moon Express, Nanoracks, Spaceport America, Tethers Unlimited, United Launch Alliance, Unreasonable Rocket, XCOR Aerospace.

We’ll also feature essential space writers, bloggers, innovators, and policy leaders including Mitch Clapp, Jeff Foust, Jon Goff, Jeff Greason, Gary Hudson, Jordin Kare, Clark Lindsey, Charles Lurio, Dave Masten, Doug Messier, Jim Muncy, Dave Salt, John Schilling, Rand Simberg, and Henry Spencer for a variety of presentations and panels, as well as progress reports on high-end student & amateur rocket hardware projects.

Our major additional focus this year is, now that a thriving low-cost space transportation industry is near, What’s Needed for The Next Thirty Years? This year’s conference has numerous presentations and panels related to the policy decisions and technology directions needed for Beyond Low Orbit: The Next Step Out.

Space Access has been described as a “Hackers” conference for rocket people, with better content than many other space conferences costing many times more. It’s two-and-a-half days of total immersion in making the future happen. This year’s edition, SA’16, is just weeks away – make those travel arrangements now, reserve your room while our hotel still hasn’t filled up, register online while you still can, and be there!

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(SA’16 sessions run from ~1 pm Thursday April 7th through ~6 pm Saturday April 9th.)