Videos: TMRO 9.06 – The state of space tourism + SpacePods – Budgets & USAF boosters

The latest episode is focused on space tourism: The state of Space Tourism – #SpaceTourism – TMRO

This week we take a peek at the state of Space Tourism. There may be only 1 company that can put you in to space today, but a slew of companies working on making it happen in the very near future!

The news topics covered this week:

* Sentinel 3A Launch via Rocket
* Astro-H Launch via H-2A
* Rosetta’s Philae Lander in Permanent Sleep
* Virgin Galactic Rolls out 2nd SpaceShipTwo
* ISU Seeks U.S. Partner to Establish Space Entrepreneurship Institute
* Did Pluto’s moon Charon possess an ancient subsurface ocean?
* OA-4 Cygnus ends ISS mission
* Boeing’s Starliner is viewer supported:

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Here are a couple of recent TMRO SpacePod short video reports:

* Space Budgets and CRS2 Updates – Space Pod 02/16/16 – TMRO

The Obama Administration has released it’s final budget request for NASA and other space activities, and some additional information has been revealed about the 2nd Commercial Resupply Services Contract.

* USAF is Enabling MOAR BOOSTERS! Space Pod – 02/09/16 – TMRO

The United States Air Force has been awarding some new rocket study contracts that could yield some very interesting results: NEW ROCKETS!