New space elevator magazine and a new documentary available on line

The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) just released its latest newsletter: ISEC eNewsletter – December 2015.

Included is an announcement about their new magazine: Via Ad Astra – The Space Elevator Magazine –

Volume 1 / Number 1 of Via Ad Astra (Road to the Stars), the new Space Elevator Magazine from the International Space Elevator Consortium is now available!

This magazine contains an interview with Yuri Artsutanov (the Russian engineer credited with inventing the modern day concept of the space elevator), a reprint of an article by Jerome Pearson (the American engineer who independently proposed the modern day concept of the space elevator), articles on the Space Elevator Games, International Law & the Space Elevator and much, much more.

Print copies of this magazine are now available from the ISEC Store for only $11.99 as well as pdf versions, available for only $1.99.

The newsletter also points to a Kickstarter funded documentary about space elevators. The 74 minute long feature Sky Line was released in November and is available for purchase on line: Space Elevator Docu ‘Sky Line’ Hits Vod November 20; THX Hires New CEO – Deadline.

In 1979, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel about an elevator that goes to outer space. SKYLINE is the story of the people who intend to build it. From scientific gatherings to NASA’s high-stakes Space Elevator Games, the film follows the major players working to make the concept a reality. Some believe it will solve the energy crisis; some want easier access to raw materials in space; some just want to gaze down upon the Earth. For all of them, the space elevator is more than just science fiction: it’s an achievable goal.

Here is the trailer: