Xtronaut: the game of solar system exploration

Dante Lauretta  is a professor at the University of Arizona and the Principal Investigator for the OSIRIS-REx mission to return a sample of an asteroid back to earth. (Hear his recent interview SpaceGeeks Ep. 13: Dante’s Paradiso – SpaceNews.com .) He has developed a space themed board game called Xtronaut: Xtronaut: The game of solar system exploration – DC Newsroom

Rocket Science for Everyone!

Capturing the real-world thrill and challenges of planetary exploration, Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration gives 2 – 4 players ages 7 and up the chance to develop space missions and explore the solar system. The game is based on real planetary missions and rocket science. It also contains elements of politics and strategy that are inspired by the real-life situations that space missions face.

The crowd-funding campaign for it has exceeded its $15k goal by $6k with two weeks remaining: Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration by Dante Lauretta – Xtronaut Enterprises — Kickstarter.

And this video tells more about the game play: