Space memorabilia market is growing

When I started HobbySpace in 1999, I was sure that reusable space vehicles would be flying regularly by now and taking lots of space tourists to orbit. I was also sure that collecting space memorabilia would become a popular activity and a lucrative business as Baby Boomers began to grow nostalgic for the Space Age era of their youth. Still waiting on those first two predictions but the third has worked out pretty much as expected : NASA memorabilia fetching high prices among collectors: Do not call it space junk – The Boston Globe.

[Larry] McGlynn, who owns an insurance company in Sudbury, is one of the foremost collectors and appraisers of NASA artifacts, and part of a burgeoning market for items that traveled to the final frontier. Over the past 20 years, the value of these items has exploded, McGlynn said; a star chart from Apollo 11 — the first lunar landing — that went for $500 in 1995 can command upward of $30,000 today.

The RR Auction house mentioned in the article currently has a handful of items in their Space section.