Sci-Tech: New venture aims to develop vertical takeoff and landing biz-plane

The XTI Aircraft Company includes an aviation industry A-list group of founders and engineers who intend to develop a vertical take-off and landing aircraft called the Trifan 600. As seen below, the vehicle has three ducted fans to provide vertical lift. During horizontal flight the center fan is covered while the other two fans tilt and drive the vehicle forward at up to 400 mph (640 kmh). 






Here is a video about the vehicle:

To guage interest in the project, they have opened an equity crowdfunding campaign at StartEngine Crowdfunding. This involves eventual purchase of shares in the company, not contributing money for a perk as with Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects.

Here is an article about the project: The Transforming Vertical-Takeoff Plane That’s Better Than a Flying Car – Popular Mechanics.