Constellation Supply Co. brings space themes to its ceramic products

Evan Dohrmann is a ceramics expert, an astronomy buff, and founder of the new startup Constellation Supply Co. He contacted me about his company’s first product: The Little Dripper Coffee Brewer, whose launch is backed by a successful Kickstarter soon to end.

The pledge rewards include a badge “inspired by the mission patches worn by intrepid space explorers” –


– and a limited edition glow in the dark star chart constellation star chart –


Evan describes the poster to me as follows:

1. Innovative Design – The poster is inspired by the works of astrophysicist Donald H. Menzel and author H.A. Rey, and is designed and printed in the U.S.A. (Portland, Oregon).
2. Glow In the Dark – A glow in the dark poster is appealing to kids and adults alike.
3. Celebrate Science and Astronomy – Constellation Supply Co. is a ceramics business first and foremost, however we’ve chosen to celebrate our love of astronomy in everything we do. We believe this is something your followers will appreciate.

Nice to see Evan finding ways to combine his ceramics business with his interest in space and astronomy.