Pluto Fly-by: New video update, Alan Stern profile, Resources list, & Infographic

The New Horizons probe will pass by Pluto 14 days from now. Closest approach will happen on July 14 at 11:49:57 UTC. Here is a video update released today:

Here is an interesting article about Alan Stern, the New Horizons science principle investigator: How Alan Stern’s tenacity, drive, and command got a NASA spacecraft to Pluto – Science/AAAS

Emily Lakdawalla provides lots of info, links and time line on the fly-by: What to expect when you’re expecting a flyby: Planning your July around New Horizons’ Pluto Pictures – The Planetary Society


Here is an infographic sent to me about Pluto:

Two Sides of The Leaf Marijuana - 2015 INFOGRAPHIC Via: