Space Arts: Astrophotographer Scott Nammacher + UK Space Agency awarding creative arts grants

Scott Nammacher is a prolific astrophotographer who is profiled in this article:  White Plains artist keeps eye on universe –

Check out the wonderful gallery of astronomical images on his website: Starmere


The UK Space Agency is sponsoring a Announcement of Opportunity: Arts and Creative Technology – Publications – GOV.UK.

From the announcement document (pdf):

The upcoming flight of Tim Peake to the International Space Station has boosted interest in human spaceflight in the UK. The current scheme, however, looks beyond this one mission: the Agency is seeking original ideas which give new perspectives on science, technology and exploration in a sociocultural context.

Awards are available from £10k up to a maximum of £50k. The Agency expects to make between 1 and 5 awards.

What we are looking for

Creative work which responds to space science and technology in new and interesting ways. Funding may be matched from other sources or be used to fund one part of a larger project.

Proposals are welcome in these areas:

• Visual arts
• Video games
• Creative technology + immersive media

Some examples of effective work in this field could include: Elizabeth Price’s SUNLIGHT; Superflux’s Mangala For All ; Helen White’s Solar Wind Chime. (NB these are illustrative only of the breadth and diversity of possible approaches.)