The World Science Festival and the NASA Orbit Pavilion

The World Science Festival is underway this weekend in New York City:

The Ultimate Science Street Fair 

From deep space to the brain‘s inner recesses, World Science Festival 2015 turns Washington Square Park into an outdoor lab celebrating the fascinating science that shapes our lives. It’s a full day of hands-on activities, interactive experiments, installations, and demonstrations. Meet scientists and astronauts, and enjoy live performances. Run through our Mars rover obstacle course, and learn how scientists search for life on other planets. Suit up and train like an astronaut while suspended in the air. Be a robot—or drive one. Build and launch rockets. And wire up your brain to use its electric signals to fly a helicopter or tune into a friend’s brain. It’s a day of science your family will never forget.

Here is an article about the NASA Orbit Pavilion at the Festival: NASA art exhibit surrounds you with the sounds of space – Mashable

Studiokca_orbit pavilion 0421.indd