Sci-Tech: Updates on four alternative fusion power projects

Some items regarding projects involved in alternative approaches to fusion power:

* Dr. Matthew Moynihan will be on The Space Show today to discuss the Polywell system for producing fusion energy:  7-8:30 pm PDT (10-11:30 pm EST, 9-10:30 pm CDT).

* Here’s some news about three fusion projects – General Fusion in Canada,  Helion Energy in Seattle, Washington, and LPP Fusion in Middlesex, New Jersey – Three Small Fusion Companies Approaching a Critical Funding Mass – The Commercial Space Blog

* A longer update on LPP: LPP Focus Fusion Report May 21, 2015 (pdf)

  • Abell Foundation invests additional $200,000 in LPPFusion
  • Fiber-epoxy winding, steel brace added to tungsten cathode
  • Beryllium import permission obtained
  • Dr. Hamid Yousefi returns to Iran, frustrated by immigration rejections