Videos: TMRO Space Pods – Cold beer & space, NASA awesome stuff, symphony of sats, and more

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Why is there no cold beer in space!? – Space Pod 05/06/15

From wet burps to breaking the rules, Lisa Stojanovski talks about the different fridges on the International Space Station and why none of them are stocked with beer.

NASA is STILL Doing Amazing Things – Space Pod 05/05/15

NASA is still doing some amazing things, both in space and on Earth, and in this episode, Space Mike discusses some awesome stuff that just happened in the last week.

A Symphony of Satellites – Space Pod 05/03/15

What if you could hear the satellites that are over your head? This week, Ariel Waldman showcases a really cool space hack that translates Earth-orbiting robots into rhythm.

The Cosmic Yardstick: Light Years – Space Pod 05/01/15 

TMRO Astronomer Jared Head goes over what a light year is, and why astronomers use them.

* EMERGENCY Russia’s Progress Cargo Vessel Fails! – Space Pod 04/30/15

Russia’s Progress 27M Cargo Vessel failed to deploy it’s antenna’s so that ground controllers could successfully dock the spacecraft to the International Space Station. In this video Space Mike discusses why it failed and what we are going to do about it.

Allergies, synthetic muscle and Robonaut on the International Space Station – TMRO 

Last week on the International Space Station, astronauts swabbed their noses in search of allergy-causing microorganisms and played with synthetic muscle that could make robots perform more like humans. Lisa Stojanovski also talks about her favourite International Space Station crew member – Robonaut-2.
Spacevidcast Robonaut-2 Coverage
Myco Experiment
Synthetic Muscle