Video “Delivery from Earth” + Humans to Mars Summit 2015

A short film shown today at the Humans to Mars Summit 2015 in Washington D.C.:

Winning entry of the Lockheed Martin / NM Film Foundation filmmaker grant. A science-fiction short film about the first human born on Mars, told from the perspective of a Navajo family living in Gallup, New Mexico.

The H2M is hosted by the Explore Mars organization.

The Summit presentations can be seen live via the webcast here.

Update: Before we see anyone having babies on Mars, lots of research needs to be done on a facility like G-Lab that will investigate the effects of fractional G on the birth and growth of mammals.

One other note, the Orion capsule the young boy is carrying probably costs $20000 dollars if it is priced on a scale comparable to that between a real Orion and a SpaceX Dragon.